The RADikate is a self-help workshop: You come with your bikes and with the desire to repair them yourself. If you have no idea about it, we will also help you as best we can.

Long version

Opening hours

For everyone:
Thursdays from 6 pm (until ~9 pm)

From 8 pm only already started work will be finished. We close the workshop as soon as all users have finished their work. This can also be before 9 pm.

FLINTA* opening time:
Tuesdays from 5:30 pm (until ~7 pm)

Changes and additions are possible. We will keep you updated in the news section and on the Telegram channel (only in German).

Directions & contact

About us

RADikate is a self-help workshop: You come with your bikes and with the desire to repair them yourself. If you don't know how to do it, it doesn't matter.

For that purpose, RADikate offers:

  • workshop with tools
  • spare parts (on a small scale)

  • space for mutual self-help

  • RADikate expertise (as good as we can)

RADikate Marburg e.V. cannot be held liable for the work or for the results of repairs.

Everyone who likes to support other people to stay mobile by bike can join RADikate. We see ourselves as inclusive and want to oppose any form of discrimination.

If you share these values and are up for a social gathering, you are very welcome. You don't need any previous experience!

If you got any questions or are interesting in supporting us, ust drop us a line at info@radikate.org.

Bicycle Donations

RADikate does not accept bicycle donations. Bicycles in good condition can be dropped off at our workshop on Wednesdays at the Asylbegleitung Mittelhessen between 5 and 7 pm. Contact: fahrradwerkstatt@asylbegleitung-mittelhessen.de

Why are we organizing a FLINTA* opening time?

We are organizing an alternative FLINTA* opening time for all those who see themselves as FLINTA*. We want to open a workshop space for everyone who wants to use the Radikate within a more protected FLINTA group. This opening time is aimed exclusively at FLINTA\ people. Everyone else can come to the Thursday opening times.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional mechanic, the opening hours are intended to offer a more protected space from bike tinkering. Bicycle workshops as male-dominated spaces can be a hurdle for FLINTA* to gain their own positive experience in screwing. This can start with silly sayings, but doesn't stop there. Stereotypical images of bike wrenching in the presence of male-read people can be intimidating. To enable structural change, we need FLINTA* people who have bicycle self-confidence.

In the culture here, there are certain recurring patterns of behavior that we consciously want to avoid. Some examples:

  • unsolicited advice from cis men
  • the assumption that cis men are better at technology
  • offers of help from cis men must be accepted
  • less self-confidence due to fear of judgment
  • stupid comments, stupid looks, etc.

“FLINTA*” stands for women, lesbians, inter people, non-binary people, trans people and agender people. The star stands for all those who do not identify with the gender identities mentioned.

“Cis” is used to express that a person has the gender assigned at birth based on genitalia.

By FLINTA* we do not only mean cis women, but all positions that are not explicitly cis male.

We are aware that it can only ever be about more protected spaces. This includes a good deal of reflection on our own position, so we are happy to receive feedback. So if you have any concerns, please let us know!

If you feel addressed, please come along! Everyone else has the opportunity to use the workshop during Thursday opening hours.


Heusingerstraße in Marburg,

behind the colorful wall


Email: info@radikate.org

Telegram channel: t.me/radikate (only in German, but all new are also published on this page)